Cards to Consider: Holiday Edition

With Christmas just around the corner and holiday movies in full swing, we thought it’d be fun to do a holiday movie themed episode of Cards to Consider. 

You may not have noticed, but the Sacramento Kings have been compiling a Christmas movie lineup that’s worth a look:

Harry and Marv:

While Harry and Marv were villains in the famous Home Alone movies, the Kings’ Harry and Marv were big time hopefuls and draft picks for the folks in Sacramento. 

“Harry, I’ve reached the top!” This classic line from Home Alone 2 is followed by a disastrous fall by Marv. Our Marv, Marvin Bagley, took a similar dive after an injury at the beginning of the year. Bagley card values seem to have crashed and can only be expected to rise upon his return in the coming weeks. 

Harry has seen his fair share of “shocking” events this season, too. The Kings opted not to give Giles his fourth year option meaning they will likely part ways after the year. A prospect full of talent and promise like Giles might just be worth the low-investment if you’re wanting a risky flier. 


Whether your first thought went to Buddy the Elf or to Buddy Hield, we’re not concerned.

Since the beginning of the season, De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley have been out with injuries, killing a lot of the buzz surrounding the Kings in the preseason. Coming off a big win against the red hot Mavericks, Buddy Hield has been a leader for the team. Keep an eye on him (and the Kings) as the team gets healthy. Invest in these guys while they’re 9-13 and you might be smiling by year end. After all, smiling is Buddy’s favorite. 

We could keep going with the holiday-themed Kings puns by talking about Mary and Joseph (Cory) having to leave their Holmes (Richaun) and giving birth to Jesus in a Barn(es), but we’ll spare you from having to endure all of that. What we’re trying to say is this: the Kings have been injured to kick off the season, but there are glad tidings ahead this holiday season.

Our Advice: Buy Low

  • Kings prices are lowest they’ve been since last season. Bagley seems to be the safest investment, but Giles could be a low-investment risk that pays off in a year or two. Fox prices are a bit higher than those of Bagley’s, but both can only be expected to rise if they have any sort of positive impact on the team. Happy holidays and happy investing!

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