Lonnie Walker IV

The Spurs highest draft pick since Tim Duncan, Walker was selected 18th overall in the 2018 draft. In a loaded class, Walker hasn’t received much attention amidst the Luka, Trae, and MPJ buzz. Though he is unproven, there are several reasons to consider buying his cards as the second half of the season continues.

1.) He is a foundational piece in the franchise’s future

The Spurs organization seems to know the weapon that Lonnie Walker IV will be. Veterans, coaches, and management alike all attest to Walker’s athleticism and raw ability. Dejounte Murray let the world know his thoughts on Twitter when he let the world know that he and Lonnie were going to take over when they get the opportunity.

Walker’s raw athleticism, youth, and inexperience have allowed him to excel as a strong defender and capable scorer in his young career. Remind you of any other former Spurs? With time to develop under Gregg Popovich, the future looks bright and we may see Lonnie turn into the next Kawhi or other foundational piece in the legendary franchise.

2.) The historic success of the Spurs offers positive outlook

On pace for their worst record in over two decades, it’s safe to think that the organization will find a way to turn it around over the next couple of years, if not this one. With a playoff berth looking less and less likely, younger players may continue to get more playing time to see what they have to offer and what the team needs for future success.

With both of these things in mind, the window for a lower end investment could be now. If Walker finishes out the season strong, prices may never again be as low as they are now. Even if he’s unimpressive, the collecting world may write it off with the rest of the season in hopes that he comes on strong in his third year.

3.) Investors have shown their willingness to pay for Lonnie

On December 3rd, Lonnie Walker showed what he was able to do against the Rockets. He scored 28 points, 19 of which came in the fourth quarter, en route to helping the Spurs rally from a 16-point deficit. Over the next several days, collectors showed what they were willing to pay for the young Spur (shown by the chart below). His card prices have since dropped, but there’s significance to what happened.

Lonnie Walker Silver Prizm PSA 10s hit $117.50 after his December performance and are now trending around half of that price.

Many know that the card market is reactive, but there’s more to Lonnie Walker than that. People believe that Lonnie can be a star in the league. For this reason, any big night could result in opportunity to turn a profit or be the last time that prices are where they are now.

The Equation for Lonnie Walker: Star Potential + Any Big Performance = High Prices

What we saw happen in December may be what we see a couple more times this season, where his prices fly up after a strong showing and fade after more mediocre performances. When “star potential” and a successful franchise are mixed together in people’s minds, there will be plenty of opportunities to make strong returns over the next couple years. Or, if you’re like us, you might keep stocking up and holding him for the long haul.

4.) Lonnie’s Likeability

In addition to all that has been mentioned above, Lonnie is loved by the San Antonio fan base and beyond. He’s giving back to the community. The fans love him. And… His iconic hair. These things will only add to the collectibility and value of Lonnie Walker as he gets the opportunity to shine for the Spurs.

Our Advice: Buy and Hold

Lonnie has shown a lot of potential in the summer league and flashes throughout the season, but hasn’t been given a full opportunity yet. As the year winds down, expect Walker to get some more time to show what he can do. Whether it’s in the offseason or yet this season, Walker’s prices are almost certain to shoot up. From there, you can decide whether you want to take the quick return on investment or hold for the long haul.

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