The Breaking Grounds

One of the biggest ways in which the hobby has changed over the past twenty years is through the connectedness that the internet offers. In years past, collectors were generally required to buy boxes on their own. Today, we benefit from the luxury of being able to participate in breaks that allow collectors to go after players and teams that they want while not having to break the bank buying tons of packs or boxes.

We aspire to bring the card-collecting community a little closer yet by highlighting a breaker each week through “The Breaking Grounds”.

As we break new ground, we believe this will work to the benefit of both collectors and breakers.

  • For breakers, “The Breaking Grounds” will grant exposure to collectors all around the globe, allow connection through telling their story, and share some of their favorite/upcoming breaks. If you’re a breaker or you’d like to suggest a breaker to be featured, contact us at
  • For collectors, “The Breaking Grounds” will connect you to breakers who offer products you’re interested in, communities to join, and exclusive promotions.

This week’s feature on The Breaking Grounds:

Previously featured on The Breaking Grounds:

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